Unleash the Fun:
Engage Your Audience
with Interactive Dance

Are you an event host looking to captivate your audience at offline booths or an online class instructor seeking to infuse energy into your sessions?

Look no further!

Introducing our innovative Dance question type, a game-changing
feature that will bring the joy of dance to your quizzes and leave a lasting impression on your participants.

Engage Your Audience like never before

Our Dance question type is the perfect tool to
generate interest and draw crowds to your offline
or online event. Imagine captivating an entire crowd
with an interactive dance challenge, creating a buzz
that drives and amplifies your brand visibility.

For online classes focused on yoga, dance, or other
activities, the Dance question type adds an extra
layer of engagement, making learning fun and

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Key Features and Benefits
Interactive Dance Experience
Immerse your participants in a dynamic and
interactive dance experience that combines learning
and entertainment. Watch as they mimic dance
moves on the screen, engaging both mind and body.
Features and benefits 1
Real-Time AI Movement Tracking
Our advanced technology precisely captures
participants' movements, ensuring an accurate and
immersive dance experience.
Features and benefits 2
Versatile Application
The Dance question type is a versatile tool suitable
for various event formats, including offline booths
and online classes. Create unforgettable experiences
at your events or enrich your online learning sessions
with interactive dance challenges.
Features and benefits 3
Engage and Attract Audiences
Stand out from the crowd and attract attention with
the Dance question type. Its unique and engaging
nature will generate buzz, drawing crowds to your
offline booth and leaving a memorable impression
on participants.
Features and benefits 4
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How it works
1Create a dance question
In the quiz editor, under question types, select
"Dance" and choose one of the 9 currently available
dances. After that, adjust the settings to suit your
Create a dance question
2Real-Time AI Movement Tracking
Before starting the dance, the player will see a small
tutorial and system requirements. Once the game
starts, the player will only need to repeat the
movements behind the video, and our AI-based
algorithm will accurately detect the moves and
reward the player with points.
Start the game
Our AI-powered technology accurately scores the
player's moves and awards them points. After the
game, a leaderboard will be available to see who is the
best at tearing up the dance floor

Please note that the Dance question type is currently
available only on demand. We understand that each
event and educational setting is unique, and we want
to ensure that we tailor the experience to your specific

To unlock the Dance question type and bring the excitement of
interactive dance quizzes to your quizzes, simply reach out to our
sales team at sales@myquiz.org.