Change the look of your quiz to promote your brand

We can design a theme based on your brandbook or implement your own designs
myQuiz branding options
User interface branding
Customize web and mobile user interface for all participants
Jumbotron branding
Customize a special projection view for large screens
myQuiz branding options
Sign-up screen
To play myQuiz, users need to sign in. Introduce
participants to your brand on the first screen
that they will see.
Trivia Start Page
Waiting screen
After participants sign in to the quiz,
they see the waiting screen.
Question Review Promo
Question screen
Questions appear both on players’ devices,
and on the stage displays. Add elements
of your corporate identity to the core screens
of the quiz.
Leader board screen promo
Everyone’s attention is drawn to a screen
with the TOP-10 leaders. This screen will be
on most photos from the event.
Trivia Start Page
Get creative with the custom layout
for the large projection screen. It is optimized
to display the content well on various screen
Trivia Start Page
Make your trivia special with adaptive myQuiz branding
We would be happy